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“To a lawyer, truth is a variable” -el Loco Gringo

” If the facts are against you, argue law, if the law’s against you argue facts, If the law and the facts are against you, argue” – Lawyers adage


This is the infamous “Little Rascals” case of ritual sexual abuse.  Mary Lamb (prosecuting attorney) was ordered by Mike Easley (attorney general) to get a conviction whatever it took.  She took it to heart and was doing the judge in the case.  The defendants spent 6 years in jail without charges.  They were later acquitted.

Actually there was a worse case here in NC.  It concerned a man who lived in a single wide trailer who had a castle inside his trailer, surrounded by a moat filled with alligators and sharks.  He would lure children to his castle, sexually abuse them take them into space in a flying saucer and melt them into baby candles.    I’ve actually heard it said that justice prevailed eventually.  Bullshit.

If this doesn’t convince you to run when you get that  Subpoena, nothing will.

And most of the government is lawyers.  And their profession is lying.  Scary shit.

By Paul Chesser on 5.18.09 @ 6:08AM

“By now America is familiar with the epidemic of troubling behavior that’s swept the nation’s governorships, in recent years with John Rowland in Connecticut and George Ryan in Illinois for the Republicans; Don Siegelman in Alabama, Eliot Spitzer in New York and Rod Blagojevich in Illinois for the Democrats. It may be time to add to that list.

SheepdogWolfHere in North Carolina recently replaced (thanks to term limits) Gov. Mike Easley, a Democrat, is under investigation by federal authorities, and by the State Board of Elections. The number of charges against him could surpass those of his above-mentioned colleagues, and the issues under investigation stress the word-limit of your average opinion column.” – American Spectator

Witch Hunts

Involuntary Incaceration

Edenton 7

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