05-Thinking Backwards



Thinking backwards

Triggering epiphany

Just what is thinking backwards?  Essentially it’s applying top down logic to resolve an indeterminate problem and using bottom up logic to resolve a determinate problem.  Or, it’s deciding on a conclusion then determining what evidence supports it.  Or trying to get meta-physical about math.  Broadly, it’s confusing cause and effect. (in a logical sense, not physical)  I’m going to have to do some more thinking to figure out how to put this into words but I’ll give an example.

Most people would agree that we eat sugar because it tastes good.  Well, they’d be wrong.  sugar tastes good because we eat it.  Sugar is an excellent source of energy, so our taste  evolved to give pleasure when we eat sugar.  I don’t know if this is because of imprinting or a basic logic flaw in the mind.  I’ll have to do some more research.

Nirvana – (my definition) right brain thinking. Bottom up. A state of heightened awareness in which the right hemisphere is unfettered. Popularly, but incorrectly, referred to as whole brain, kaballah, yoga, constructionist, transcendental meditation, non-duality etc. these being just means to achieve nirvana.

Scientific Method – (my definition) left brain thinking. Top Down. A mistaken belief that all problems can be broken down into their component parts.

Sorry folks, the world (or the mind) doesn’t always work that way)

Truth – the appropriate logic applied to relevant facts.

“what if everyone quit believing and started living?” Dr. B

“Do not allow another to occupy rent free space in your mind.” – el Loco Gringo

Damn, isn’t that simple? Both of these statements express truth. More importantly, the same truth. Both of these statements explode into a reality of an indeterminate perception of the world.

Belief – inappropriate logic applied to irrelevant beliefs, such as;

Scientific method applied to soft sciences – anxiety, bi-polar manic depressive, sociology etc.

Yoga applied to math, physics, biology, chemistry etc.

“Nirvana is in every moment of our daily lives, but we don’t know and don’t understand that. So we forget that and look for it outside of ourselves.”

“So, if we’re thinking backwards from conclusions to evidence, where do we get the conclusions from?” – Cervantes

“When looking at the earth, there are no lines there, but we think as if there are. We forget that we put the lines there.” – Robert Anton

“Yoga is the science of the east, science is the yoga of the west” – James Miller

“The right hemisphere contains all of our perceptions, the left reaches into this totality and pulls out the relevance.” – Jill Bolte Taylor

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