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<For all Greek philosophers, and notably for the greatest – Plato and Aristotle>

How very odd that you would class these two as in the same ballpark of greatness. For myself I would class somerville head and shoulders above aristotle on a par with plato.

Funny how we put greeks on a pedestial. We say “the greeks thought this” thinking it was urban wisdom. No it wasn’t. Think half a dozen guys having a barbeque in the back yard. The greek on the street was just as stupid as today. These were the Greek Geeks. Mythology

Plato was an incredibly lucid thinker in terms of man’s place in the universe, with his mobile of mythos, logos and ether. really quite impressive when you consider he was bucking societal norms and working with earth, wind, fire and water.

Aristotle on the other hand was an idiot, incapable of understanding what Plato was getting at. dismissing mythos as metaphysical bullshit and going with what was easy, not what was true.
There is a HUGE difference between what the two are saying.

Arisotele think (ABF) gained philosophical ascendency and has screwed up western thinking since, with rare exceptions, summerville (astronomy), eddington (science) and thomas aquinas (theology) come to mind. I suspect that if eddington and aquinas came face to face they would agree that there is no difference between the universe and the divine. I’d like to see mary somerville chime in on that.


Mary, you see, could “perceive what others do not perceive”. exactly, she wasn’t an idiot.

As we fast forward in western civilization, we find that science and the church worked hand in glove, to promote a loving, harmonious world by burning the occasional heretic at the stake or shoving a sharpened stake up the odd infidel’s ass. with the final split science and religion became mortal enemies. Western civilization cannot see that not only are science and theology not at odds, but are, in fact the same thing looked at through two different perspectives.

And to you, Mr Ted, mythos is your inclusional world view. But you knew that, didn’t you?

The ABF has imprisioned us in a bottle which somehow we must reach outside of to pull the cork of null-a.

Please note i am using idiot in the clinical sense.

i despair

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