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Athletes Heart

Hypertropic Obstructive
Cardio Myopathy


I’d like to talk about a subject that’s near and dear to my heart. In more ways than one. What motivates me is the recent sudden death of a teenage athlete. That’s his picture upper left. This affliction is known as athletes heart because states require an autopsy for deaths occurring on state property (Colleges, High School, Grammer School)

Reggie Garrett, the senior quarterback for West Orange-Stark High School in Orange, Texas, collapsed on the sideline during a game Friday night and later died at a local hospital, according to reports. FanHouse BleacherReport There is a slide show at the bottom of Bleacher Report. Look for “beta blocker”. This is a class of drugs normally prescribed for HOCM.

HOCM is a genetic disorder caused by genotype DD (dominant). It is rare only .5% of the population. The left ventricle closes under stress. Heart There is a simple test to check for this disorder, which is disapproved by the FDA, who feel the 10 seconds required for the test could be better spent pushing pills which generate profit, even though they have known serious side effects. Statins The FDA has a policy known as “approved medical practice”. Doctors who do not follow this policy can be disciplined or even loose their license. Genotype DD comes with a suite of symptoms HOCM, diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension and suseptibility to statins which big Pharm can make money on. The test would bring the condition to light and Big Pharm couldn’t make money by prescribing death causing drugs. So we have a situation in which doctors are forbidden from performing a test which would help and forced to prescribe drugs which will kill. Try to understand what I’m saying here folks. If this is what happened to garrett this is;

1st degree murder is the unlawful killing of another human being with “malice aforethought”.

But why aren’t the directors of Pfizer and the FDA on death row, you may ask? Because the FDA is a private organization, staffed by big pharm, given the power of government by your beloved congress. And we all trust congress don’t we? A suit was brought on this issue. Testemony was not even heard. The case was sumarily dismissed in a manner that precluded future suits. And we all trust lawyers, don’t we?

As to me, at 70, I’m probably the oldest person in the world with known HOCM. They usually die in their teens. The first, and last, symptom of HOCM is death. Of course, it’s hard to tell, the FDA forbids testing for the condition, and we all trust the FDA don’t we? The test amounts to listening to a patient’s heartbeat (Q4) while sitting, then standing. “The Valsalva maneuver decreases preload, which results in decreased filling of the left ventricle.” – Cleveland clinic.

Download HeartSounds desktop demo here> HCM.exe You’ll need the meditron plugin, It’ll prompt.

Here’s a good layman’s booklet in PDF format>HOCM.pdf

That’s a real HOCM scan at the top of the page, by the way.

I would suggest all parents have the Valsalva test performed on their children by a private physician, we all trust government, don’t we?

Simply put, an s4 murmer is indicative of a non compliant ventricular valve.

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