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Stupid is forever

You can’t fix stupid

“Stupid is as stupid does” – Forrest Gump

Oops! My Fraudian slip is showing. The critical point in determining whether a person is an idiot. (I mean that in the clinical sense) is whether a concept, which challenges the framework, can be transferred from one mind to another. My first comments which lead to this line bumped up against your framework, and you responded with top down thinking. (programmed responses) ie something you had previously considered and formulated an answer for. In your next response you flipped into bottom up thinking focusing in on the “what if”. You disagreed but the concept was transferred. THIS CANNOT HAPPEN WITH AN IDIOT. If you were an idiot your first comment would have been your best and only shot. That’s all there would have been to Ted. One dimensional. That’s why I don’t like talking to an idiot, it’s like talking to a coffee table. An easy way to flush out the idiots is to wrap an unorthodox, but valid, concept in crazy. An idiot can’t get past the crazy and goes away. My, that works out nicely. A centered will brush the crazy off like the fluff it is and consider the concept. That works out nicely too. He may disagree, but he’s not an idiot.

As to the permanent nature of stupid. I pulled the following off the web. Most of the cases are anecdotal but 5 are well documented and investigated. It would appear that after a critical age, the average is 7, the thought patterns become set. For instance, a child might learn a few words but have no conceptual understanding of language. No amount of training, therapy or instruction can overcome this. In my case I was paralyzed from the chest down with statin poisoning. After I quit taking the poison, the effects were flushed out of my system and it returned to normal. BUT, I have lost the ability to walk without thinking about it. I have to concentrate on moving the muscles. My critical period for learning to walk has passed. This condition is forever. (but a lot better than being paralyzed)

Feral Children and the Critical Period

Although the critical period hypothesis was hotly debated for some years, there is now compelling evidence — including the evidence from feral, confined and isolated children — that, unless they are exposed to language in the early years of life, humans lose much of their innate ability to learn a language, and especially its grammatical system.”


So, Yup, stupid is forever. I see overwhelming evidence that it is, and no evidence that it isn’t.  Fixing stupid is an inter-generational problem.

Ayn Rand speaks to the “slavering beast that is devouring the minds of man” as do I

The Beast

10% to 20% of the population are non-idiots (centered), but are pretending to be idiots in the same sense that I pretend to be crazy. I don’t like talking to idiots. I find that if i wrap a concept in “crazy” the idiots can’t get past the wrapping, while a centered can’t wait to discard the wrapping to see what treasure lies inside. I like it that way. This is the target. The rest are idiots. The ones that can understand you will, those that can’t won’t. Stupid is forever. Consider; I showed DrB RatBrain2 in which an amorphous mass of neurons began “connecting and communicating” I asked why “cause that’s what neurons do”. What is the robot doing? “Looking for more neurons”. She instantly saw the relevance. This simple one minute video blows the doors off psychology in the same sense that the cosmic standing wave blows the doors off physics. But as she said “what do we do with it?” Even the guy that made it can’t see the relevance, he immediately talks about plans to make it stupid.

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