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Miracle of music

Basic Miracle of Music

“The octave relationship is a natural phenomenon which has been referred to as the “basic miracle of music,…” …After the unison, the octave is the simplest interval in music. The human ear tends to hear both notes as being essentially “the same”, due to closely related harmonics. For this reason, notes an octave apart are given the same note name in the Western system of music notation—the name of a note an octave above A is also A Monkeys experience octave equivalency, and its biological basis apparently is an octave mapping of neurons in the auditory thalamus of the mammalian brain[6] and the perception of octave equivalency in self-organizing neural networks can form through exposure to pitched notes, ” – Wikepedia Logic Fail http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Octave#Theory

“Philosophers have long commented on the ‘power’ of music in forging our character and connecting our souls to our inner nature, our society, and the world around us. Plato and Aristotle each invested considerable attention in describing the risks and rewards of exposing the young to varying modes (that is, styles) of music.” – Nolan Gasser
No, No, No!!! TOTAL BULLSHIT. As has been my experience when addressing any topic in which I become curious, I find that people think backwards. They are confusing cause and effect. The note is an interpretation of a perception (vector), itself heavily filtered, of reality. This is because they are working under the assumption that the time domain is reality, and have no concept of the frequency domain.

Fourier Secret-1 Secret-2 LivingWithMusic Ripple 2 slot

I grew up in the 50’s When I was in Houston I knew a guy who used to work as a dj in the 50’s at a local station.  When they went belly up they couldn’t pay him so he got the master tapes and recording equipment.  At one time I had all the songs that were ever played on that station, but lost most of it when I had to flee NC.  I’ve only got about 35 GB left.  I’ll start zipping it up and posting it here for download.  mp3 zipped The first is wcbs in chicago.  

wcbs1 wcbs2 WOW 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 BigBand Comedy 1 2 EF 1 2


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