a Biased Mind

A Biased Mind

Thinking about Thinking

Down the rabbit hole

“We only think we’re thinking” – el Loco Gringo


Full communication requires all aspects of our perceptual input. IE body language; pictures, symbols,milieu, costume,not only movements, but ALL perceptual input; visual, olfactory, pressure etc. Take for example the concepts of love and hate. These are really not opposites but two sides of the same coin. Saying “I love you” in a pastoral setting while hugging them is a lot different that a memo that says “I love you”. Saying “I hate you” dressed in studded leather with a boiling pot of oil while beating you about the head and shoulders says a lot more than a memo that says the same. As each layer of input is removed, the content decreases. A teleconferencing call conveys less than a personal meeting. A telephone call less than a teleconferencing call, a handwritten note with love and kisses less than a telephone call. A memo less than a note.


This is what reductionist thinking has done to communication. It has stripped it of meaning. It’s the PTIB syndrome (Putting Things In Baskets) It is the specialist who learns more and more about less and less till you end up with someone who knows everything there is to know about nothing. The blind person who perceives the elephant by touching a single part, then publishes a paper using speculation to fill in the gaps. He can’t see the “Blue Sky”, He can’t see the big picture. The right brain thinker I would relate to a scientist, the whole brain to an engineer, and the left brain to a technician. This leads to bizarre constructs of knowledge. A psychologist knows everything there is to know about nothing. The same with a sociologist, financier, politician and all of the soft pseudosciences. It has been stripped of all meaning.

Keeping in mind that we only think we’re thinking. We actually are only giving a patterned response. Consider two people in a face to face conversation. All sensory data is present. A third party will see this as a ping pong game, in which pre-considered concepts are being fielded by the algorithms. There is no thinking going on. If there is not a hit on the algorithm (the concept hasn’t been pre-considered} He will access his data bank (3 seconds for left hemisphere, 3 seconds for right), the pattern reservoir for concepts. If he gets a hit he may respond with the best match to date, or he may ponder the concept, (He starts thinking) or put it off and “sleep on it”. The point of this rambling, incoherent diatribe is that until a datum is communicated, it is not real. IE it is not relevant to “coping with the world”. The act of communication makes the concept relevant to survival and will be considered. Once it is considered a trigger point will be set on the algorithm. When I am in the room with a doctor, for instance, I recognize that there are two experts in the room. While the doctor is the expert on health, I am the expert on me. Most people accept dogma, I consider it. I know more about me than anyone else in the world, and I am the best judge of how to incorporate these new concepts into my lifestyle.

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