Wetware (my definition) is a suite of approved/disapproved activities for the minds to operate under. Basic rules if you will which the minds MUST obey and not disobey. (two different things) This is knowledge. This is non-negotiable. This is imprinting. This is TRUTH (upper case)

Software (my definition) is a suite of rules that the minds SHOULD adhere to that do not conflict with the wetware. This is wisdom from which knowledge is derived. This is negotiable. This is learning. This is truth (lower case)

Imprinting sets the rules that MUST be obeyed and cannot be overridden. This imprinting occurs during the critical period of life, from birth to puberty or age 7 depending on culture.

Let me give a couple of samples, we’ll go to a neutral corner and envision baby Charlie Chimp with mama chimp on the savannah. Mama chimp hears a rustle in the grass and reflexes to the nearest tree. A reflex occurs in nanoseconds. Why do I say she reflexes? Because if she didn’t have the imprinting to reflex upon hearing a rustle in the grass she would be lion lunch and we wouldn’t have a Charlie Chimp to write this post about. She got this imprinting genetically through epigenetics from her mama. And she just passed this imprinting on to Charlie Chimp and his descendents (us) this is the startle reflex. If you don’t know what it is, run. This is on the primal defense. If it turns out to be a lion, mama did good and gets to pass her genes on. If not, no harm done. Let’s say it turns out to be the alpha-male of the band seeking another cop. Mama makes (probably) a reaction (within ½ second) and either goes rump up or snarl. Understand no thinking has occurred yet. The decisions are all per-surmised. On the other hand, lets say it’s another male seeking a cop. Whoa, gotta evaluate this. Mama may allow or not depending on the conjugate shortcuts set on her right and left algorithms. 3 ½ to 7 seconds. And may or may not go rump up. Please note, no thinking has occurred yet. As it takes 7 seconds for thinking and musing to start from the rustle in the grass, it doesn’t make evolutionary sense to think real time. Dreaming is where cognition occurs, musing in the right mind and thinking in the left mind. (correlating and evaluating). Normally. So we only think we’re thinking.

Consider the spider, like the majority of mankind you will probably have a startle reflex when you see a spider. You can’t stop it. Even if you know it’s coming. You WILL reflex (nanoseconds) and react (½ second) It’s that little uncontrollable twitch you also get when someone makes a swipe at your eyes. It can’t be stopped. This ALWAYS occurs.

Back to imprinting. A suite of approved/disapproved behaviors for the minds, like language skills, color perception, social mores, time, sound are imprinted during the critical period. This time is situational, however, it depends on circumstances, dilating or compression as appropriate. Clock time is learned, not native.

If we think of the universe as unfolding and refolding of vibrations, or in-welling and out-welling, or to’in and fro’in whatever, the western civilization imprint “approves” the unfolding but “disapproves” the refolding. This disconnects our connectedness. Our sense of the dynamic interrelated aspect of reality.

Or as Mr Sid said “a noun is a slow verb

(I really like that, Mr Sid)


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  • Sid  On September 28, 2010 at 3:29 pm

    Walt…The problem with social imprinting is that it communicates as a fact the illusion we are nouns responsible for socially acceptably behavior…This is the “Big Social Lie”…enlightenment is final freedom from this falsehood.


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