I have found the most extraordinary thing. This is mind-boggling so it is going to require some setup. Keep your britches on lady, I’m getting there. I have found someone as smart as I am, perhaps even smarter. But how can this be, you may ask? How can someone like el Loco Gringo even consider the possibility? Someone so worldly yet urbane, masculine yet sensitive, intelligent yet smart and assertive yet humble, so very humble. This person is Ted Lumly, hereinafter referred to as Mr. Ted. (I use the honorific Mr. only with non-idiots (or non-stupido’s as Mr Ted would say)

There is indeed “a slavering beast devouring the minds of man” – Ayn Rand



I propose the formation of a group, A league of extra-temporal gentlemen to slay this beast. This is a multi-generational project. I hereby wish to nominate the following for this group. Mr. Walt (nexialist), Mr. Eva (temporalist), Mr. Ted (physicist), Mr. Geoff (macro-communications), Mr Teresa (micro-communications), Mr Jill (neurologist), Mr. Sir Ken (education), Mr. Kirby (mathematician)

The following is from Mr. Kirby>Although the concept of vector connotes something “advanced” to many ears, we should realize that even the lowly number line, first introduced in the elementary grades, is an application of Grassmann algebra — at least according to some formalist conceptions.
This is because the real numbers, by themselves, have no spatial component. As soon as you allow yourself the freedoms of space, you must piggy-back your reals atop some system of directed elements — the so-called “vectors”.


“Once a flowing river whose current we passively monitored, time is now more properly understood as something constructed by the brain and personalised by culture. We have relationships with time; we fight it and manipulate it.” – Eva Hoffman

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