Centering 4

Bipolar Mood Swings

Putting the fun back in disfunctional

Return to healing

Centering is the ability to maintain balance between logos and mythos in a turbulent ether.

Plug in whichever bipolar model you prefer.

I chose Plato’s model because it is the earliest accurate description of the mind.

Kind of like a pop-off valve on a pressure cooker. An inability to remain centered because of the disjunct between the left and right minds. If centering = the ability to maintain balance between logos and mythos in a turbulent ether. (Plato’s model) or top down/bottom up/environment. I don’t see that psychology has made any advances since Plato. If fact they have regressed. In the same class as voodoo with the caveat that voodoo works better. when a naked priestess dances around you shaking her beads and rattles, it is definitely a mind altering experience. It is psychology/society which is psychotic, not the bipolar. We live in a pressure cooker, a slave society, and the bipolar just “popped” sooner than others. He has “gone off the reservation”, “caught the underground railroad”, “slipped the chains of slavery” His minds rebel against insanity. It’s a balancing act and society has it’s thumb on the scale. (The Aristotelean brain fart) Plato was centered, Aristotle was an idiot.

The right mind says “what about me?”

The left mind says “shut up”

Or…………. Maybe not, I am crazy, don’t you know? But it has kept me from going insane.

Centering 3 Moral Compass

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