Synchronous Neuron Access Potential

“Stupid is as stupid does” – Forrest Gump

What is insight? Intuition? Ok I’ll give you that, now the next question, What is intuition? You may be forced to go to your thesaurus to find a synonym for these words. Don’t bother. I’ll tell you what it is. It becomes obivious that the words insight and intuition are only pixie dust sprinkled on a counterfeit concept to give the illusion of understanding something one is totally clueless about. The right mind is primarily a collating device with limited intelligence. It is looking for non-inconsistencies. It is constantly corellating in the background. The correlations that are made are stored in the bottom up algorithm but remain opaque to the top down algorithm. When there is a top down logic fail (input inconsistency), the left algorithm accesses the right algorithm for the “best answer to date” and a new shortcut is set on the left algorithm. The answer has snapped into place. From many seemingly unrelated datum, a pattern emerged in the right mind that the left mind was able to analyze.

“The mind is elegant in it’s simplicity, incomprehensible in it’s scale, and glorious in it’s implementation.” – el Loco Gringo

Nothing illustrates the dichotomy between SNAP and intelligence as comparing “Forrest Gump” with “Concept Calculus”. Forest Gump being a story about a guy with limited intelligence and a lot of SNAP, while, on the other hand in Concept Calculus you have a guy with limited SNAP and a lot of intelligence. Top down and bottom up thinking are two sides of the same coin, each is meaningless on it’s own. The concept is transportable between domains. IE it is cross platform. One domain is the calculus with integral and differential equations. Perfectly valid perspective but Consider; (integral calculus IS bottom up thinking, differential calculus IS top down thinking as applied to math)

Concept Calculus is a new mathematical/philosophical program of wide scope. The development of Concept Calculus began in Summer, 2006. Concept Calculus promises to connect mathematics, philosophy, and commonsense thinking in a radically new way.
Advances in Concept Calculus are made through rigorous mathematical findings, and promise to be of immediate and growing interest to philosophers.
Developments in Concept Calculus generally consist of the following.
a. An identification of a few related concepts from commonsense thinking. In the various developments, the choice of these concepts will vary greatly. In fact, all concepts from ordinary language are prime targets.

And this isn’t a goober, this is Harvey M. Friedman of Ohio State U. THIS GUY IS TRYING TO QUANTIZE BOTTOM UP THINKING. It’s already been done, it’s called top down thinking. Googling “Concept Calculus” yields 14,000 hits. Scary.

I have seriously underestimated the majestic heights to which stupidity can rise, or the aggressive nature of it. Ayn Rand is right, “it is a slavering beast eating the minds of mankind.”

I had mentioned that perhaps intelligence will prove to be a dead end. Well, intelligence has proven to be a dead end. I am an atavar, a throwback to a time when mankind was more intelligent. All of the “people like me” in the US could fit into the waiting area of the VA. (if they were friendly) Half of them are probably institutionalized, shot up with smarticide. (kills off your smarts’) Half of the remainder are in hiding, the rest unknown. If all of them had a unity of purpose they would not have the momentum to alter the slide into dumb. There will be no enlightenment, there will be no “hundredth monkey”. The die has been cast, and it’s loaded.

Please tell me I lack the humor to detect the subtlety in the tongue in cheek positing of “concept calculus”. Please. PLEASE

“Stupidity has a definite evolutionary function. I’m all for abolishing stupidity, but before it goes, while there’s still a lot of it around, we should pay tribute to it. …The stronest conspiracy is the conspiracy of the stupid, To prevent schools from educating their children, because they want their children to be as dumb as they are. To prevent television from putting anything intelligent on.” – Robert Anton

“The time has come, dreamweaver says, to speak of many things, Of whereness and whenness, and gravity wells, of white holes, lifts and strings” – el Loco Gringo.

As to the percentages, I feel I’m closer to right. Heyleighen has done a paper on what he calls the “extremely gifted” He puts the figure at .07% Uh oh, I feel another page coming on. Let’s talk, instead of intelligence, about cognitive ability. Humans are unique in that we have two cognitive minds. One Boolean, one binary. The Boolean mind perceives the world in the frequency domain, this is the way an animal sees. The binary mind interprets the frequency domain as the time domain and throws away the extra dimension. Then a physicist comes along who hasn’t had his right mind crippled, (that’s you) looks at this interpretation and epiphanies. “Hey, the universe is actually composed of waves, adds the discarded dimension back in and finds that it has a beat of 8 and other good stuff” Not only is the math not the physics, but the math hinders the understanding of the physics. The mind does a much better job of interpreting the frequency domain than math. Look out the window, that’s it. All the computing power in the world can’t do what the mind is doing, real time. Now to the crux of it. When you use math on the time domain you are using a rubber ruler to measure shadows. Consider Ptolemy’s theory. It was beautiful, it was concise, it was comprehensive, it was elegant, it was conclusive, it was wrong. He was using a rubber ruler to measure shadows. Same thing happened to Einstein.

Back to cognizance. There are actually two aspects one is intelligence, this measures only the left mind, the other is what I call SNAP, it measures the right (simply, SNAP is a bullshit detector. In 80-90% of the population the SNAP has been hijacked by ideology, religion etc. These are idiots. They have had a social lobotomy. 10-20% of the population are what I called centered.

“The centered, being pragmatic, understand and accept the ambiguity of the situation, doing whatever it takes to survive, pretending to be idiots, but maintaining their individuation, however surreptitiously.” – el Loco Gringo This is your audience, my dear Mr Geoff. The rest don’t count. Stupid is forever.

Consider Ptolemy again, had he said that the earth circled the sun, he would have been burned at the stake. He may have been centered pretending to be an idiot. Rather than pretending to be an idiot, I pretend to be crazy, it’s a lot simpler, and more fun. An IQ test measures only the intelligence, I propose the SQ (SNAP quotient) which measures the Intelligence and the SNAP. Take me for instance, my IQ was measured at 161. My SQ would probably be twice that or 300, discounting synergistic effects. I suspect you’re the same (or more, how would I know?).

Using Heyleighen’s figures, that would mean that in the US there are 280,000.000 idiots, 21,000,000 centered, 2100 Nexialists and 21 transcendents. Sounds about right. Consider TED, there’s 1000 right there. What I am saying, my dear Mr Geoff, is that if you were to give a 20 minute talk at TED and left the math out of it, EVERYONE in the audience would understand. Wouldn’t that be delightful?

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