“Go forth and multiply”

Aha! I see what the problem is. The “mental operator” is the Fourier Transform as it applies to how we see the world. The minds operate on at least 3 levels, probably more. one is how we see the world. (axion level) IE In the right mind we see the world in the frequency domain, this is the rotating vectors. The left mind interprets this in the time domain throws away a dimension BUT adds interpretations of the rotating vectors as color, sound and time. This has nothing to do with idiots. Another level is how we think about the world (dendrite level). The right mind muses with a boolean network with possible outputs of A or B or both or neither, It is a parallel level that requires the holding of several concepts at one time. This is where the idiots and non-idiots comes in. This is the part that is hijacked by imprinting by religion, education etc. The left mind uses a binary network with an A or B output. It is a serial network that only allows one truth. Evaluations are performed by each mind using two different logic trees and the results compared. (Is this single conclusion (left mind) consistent with with my previous experience?) The third level is how we feel about things, ie how much intensity should we attach to the logical conclusions It is an aggregate and accumulate process. IE the last time I bonked polly protohuman, how many times did the alpha male hit me and how hard. (endoplasmic reticulator). If that’s not bad enough, a chaotic pattern is synthesized by the firing of the neurons by a process similar to conway’s game of life, and more accurately cellular automata. This is the patterns they see on the MRI scans and provides the means of storing data. (holography, recursion, etc. whatever you want to call it, the words don’t exist) This is a link to a basic explanation of the Fourier process which is the part of all this gibberish you should be interested in. I haven’t posted this yet because I haven’t edited it. This is what the hoochie-koochie is doing to my mind. play the sound file and click where appropriate. I’ve tried to set the blog up in some kind of order but everything is happening at once and is interactive. Top down thinking doesn’t work here. You should be good at this.

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