Something hazy this way comes

Bottom up mind games. There are two ways of viewing everything. For instance, in any contest you can position yourself to win. Often unconsidered is the other option, position yourself so that the other person loses. Consider this mind game. There is a box into which we put an animal (that’s me) The mad scientist (bipolar manic/depressive) of this experiment is on the outside conducting experiments. (That’s me too) I can do that, this is MY game. Look at it as MPD if that helps. So the mad scientist picks me up turns me into a lizard and sticks me in the box. Jeez this is dull, all I can do is eat, attack, run, mate. There are four holes in the box permitting sensory input to the outside. They say feel, hear, see, smell. This is what I will later term bullshit as it has nothing to do with the problem at hand, which is “what is out there that I can eat, mate with, run from or attack?” (besides, I can’t read, nor can I count to 4). So I spend my what I will later call time running between the four holes looking for something to perform my limited repertoire of responses on. Or I can do what all lizards do most of the time, which is nothing. (told you it was boring) But the mad scientist has turned on a vibrator in sight of all four windows. Not a female sexual toy but something that causes broad spectrum vibrations. This kind has knobs and switches which would probably detract from the pleasure. But back to the lizard. Now I can see something out of the feel hole. There is nothing visible in the smell hole so I’ll reserve judgment. Please remember that all god’s critters got one talent they excel at, in the case of the lizard it is reserving judgment. Not as good at it as a cucumber, mind you, but they still give a respectable performance. Now the mad scientist turns the frequency knob. IT MOVED. It becomes visible through the hear hole, then disappears, then becomes visible through the see hole. Now the mad scientist turns on the smell. Clockwise turns on the mate me, counter-clockwise the eat me. Or since the lizard thinks primarily in the bottom up mode, and not bounded by the scientific method, a third choice is possible, it can go sideways, IE mate with and eat the object. The fourth choice eat and mate with is a non-starter. At least from a practical point of view, if not conceptually. Turning the phase control causes the perceived image to get larger and smaller so that the lizard can run or attack as appropriate. What is going on? Whatever the mad scientist is doing is causing vibrations to fluctuate causing various responses in the lizard. The input signals are viewed through different senses depending upon frequency. Sound is spread out in waves as is light but it’s still the same object transmitted by the same means. As this is psychology and not physics we can now stay inside the skull and contemplate how these signals are perceived and interpreted. The signals are received in the frequency domain and interpreted in the time domain. Now I can continue evolving to chimp. We are left with the same interpretation of the external world but have added mental capacity so we can visualize the interpretations of the perceptions of the vibrations and even begin to conceptualize. Watching the dusty land rover approach across the savanna I become fixated on the wheel. It’s a goodyear 225/16 steel belted radial. No whitewall. All that’s bullshit because I still can’t read but I can count to 4. It’s bigger than I am and previous experience has shown me that it’s usually imprudent to touch something that is bigger than I am and moving. I notice the valve stem is going up and down and round and round. It’s rotating. It’s impossible to make sense of it past that. And this thing’s got 4 of them. That’s about it. Now I’m human and I realize that this stem is describing a regular up and down motion which I can call a sign wave. If I stop the wheel I can read the Goodyear 225/16. It’s still bullshit but I can include it in the paper I’m doing on the yet to be invented trigonometry. But I forget that the wheel is in my head only. And in the end all that I have is a quantification of a interpretation of a perception of a filtered sense, of vibrations. It’s only a model of the wheel. For in the end, there is only the vibrator.

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