“The problem is not that an individual has more than one personality, the problem is that he has any number but two.” – el Loco Gringo

Socrates often said that this inner voice, which many times deterred him from doing one thing, never incited him to do something else. That’s your right mind, your bullshit detector kicking in – el loco gringo.

Consider this idiot;

In 1993 David Spiegel, chair of the dissociative disorders committee for the 1994 DSM-IV, wrote that “there is a widespread misunderstanding of the essential psychopathology of this dissociative disorder, which is failure of integration of various aspects of identity, memory, and consciousness. The problem is not having more than one personality; it is having less than one personality.”

The asylum is being run by the inmates.

Everyone has two personalities, which when combined make a total of three methods of dealing with the world. Less that three is abnormal. More than three is pathological. Why is this not patently obvious to the meanest of intelligences?

These three methods being;

left hemisphere – skeptical

right hemisphere – receptive

combined – “we’ll see”

Why is this so difficult to understand?

Consider the case of “the 3 faces of Eve

She presents as a case of MPD. (the term dissociative disorder having not been an available condition at the time)

3 personalities, Eve white, Eve Black, and Jane. Eve Black was right hemisphere. Jane was left hemisphere. Eve White was synthesized. Her problem was that she could not operate in the combined mode so had to synthesize one. Why could no one pick this up after talking to her for 15 minutes? Why are people dumb?

This is no more complicated than you putting on your DrB hat when you come to work, your Teresa hat among friends and your combined hat among strangers. Where is the logic fail? Why all the words to describe a simple concept. Words strip the meaning out of understanding. Even my “bottom up thinking” is but an synonym in a futile attempt (among many) to describe a very simple concept. (nirvana, constructionist, connectness, insight, understanding, spirituality, soul, centering etc) It is not TRUTH, it is only sneaking up on the truth. Even in the skeptic mode it should be obvious that TRUTH is not possible, all we CAN have is the “best answer to date” or “this concept seems to work for the moment” or even the less definitive “could be”. That’s not even thinking, that’s adherence to dogma. Pre-Programming by someone else’s concepts. An entire civilization built up on the premise of not thinking, peopled by automatons pretending they’re smart. They have literally “sold their soul to the devil of dumb”. Why have they thrown away the marvelous gift of communication? Why do they not explore the “path less traveled”. Why do they eschew the wonders of themselves to live out their meaningless lives in this ant warren of society? Why are people dumb? Why have they cut the wires to their bullshit detector? Why is understanding considered un-nuanced? Why do they surrender their self worth. There is no TRUTH, there are only truths. Well enough of the frivolity, these are a couple of quotes from the attached article. walt

The daemonic is [that] unique pattern of sensibilities and powers which constitutes the individual as a self in relation to the world – Rollo May

“…archetypal patterns that constellate in an individual, resulting in a personality which, given the presence of a healthy ego, operates like a committee with ego as chair.4 In her model, the story and character of a particular archetype may be recognized by the ego as self-descriptive. That archetype may evince the quality of the daimon or genius”. – -Jean Shinoda Bolen (kinda wordy, but she’s right)


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