Bottom up

Tales from the inside

How do bottom up thinking work? The left hemisphere is a serial processor operating on p-truths. (Thinking) The right hemisphere is a parallel processor operating on n-truths. (musing) Each has an algorithm devoted to it’s own mode of operation. All things being equal, these algorithms are combined into what a psychologist would call a personality, in a protected part of the mind I call the ANN. In my case the left algorithm I call Walter, the right el Loco Gringo. Normally I am in the combined mode, (as are most people) Input data arrives in both hemispheres simultaneously, and each sets it’s own algorithm with the results. If the algorithms do not compare (does not compute) my bullshit detector goes off and I flip over to the el Loco Gringo mode. If they consistently compare I flip over to the Walter mode. This “flip” does not happen with most people. (I call them idiots) In the Walter mode I am receptive to the input. In the el Loco Gringo mode I am skeptical. The mode is merely which algorithm is dominant and which is sub-dominant. Most people will not switch. A MPD can’t switch. (non-integrated) The switch is seamless. (½ second) It’s really nothing more than you putting on your DrB hat when you come to work, your Teresa hat at home and you combined hat in other situations. (both receptive and skeptical)

Real time bottom up thinking is cumbersome. It requires a mirror (non-idiot) to communicate with. As it is necessary to the process for these concepts (patterns) to be communicated to become relevant to survival so the algorithms can be set. To an idiot this comes across as a rambling, incoherent dissertation. Communication is futile. The algorithms do not get set.

Background bottom up thinking is the normal mode. The right hemisphere is always correlating data while awake. When it gets a hit it communicates it to the left hemisphere so both algorithms can be set. P-truth equates to n-truth. This is called insight, or epiphany. Curiosity triggers this mode, prioritizing the data that meet the criteria. Most of the letters I send to you come from this mode. Just kind of “time to write that letter” on “tales from the inside”. I don’t spend any time contemplating these letters. I just sit down at the keyboard and bang away. Another instance, I got curious about what el Loco Gringo was protecting and came up with this;

This is the Right hemisphere version; “The Essence of Me”

“What is this thing that el Loco Gringo so fiercely defends? It is a tiny vortex that has formed in the temporal river. It exists for the briefest of moments, then is reabsorbed. It strives to balance the forces of the ripples within and the ripples without, maintaining an ethereal form that allows connectedness with the universe and the individual me. It defends me from those who seek to remove this individuation and connectedness. Sometimes doldrums, sometimes rapids. Under the tree limbs and around the rocks. The river has no purpose. It just flows from high ground to low, with no whence or whither, only anon. it obeys the law of the universe, negentropy, time’s arrow. And in the end, this vortex loses form. “The moving finger writes, and having writ, moves on” – Omar Khayyam. Throughout it all, el Loco Gringo never lost the wonder. It is the essence of me. In the end, there is only the river. All is as it should be.”

This is the left;

This is my mind, and mine alone. I like it just as it is. It has guided and protected me through a turbulent life. It has shown me the beauty and the ugliness of the world in all it’s glory and depravity. I have marveled at the richness of the world and the people in it. It has given me a most rewarding journey. It is a fine mind indeed. And I am proud of it, so very proud. It has served me well.”

The algorithms compare, the algorithms have been set. This is the “best answer to date”. The right’s answer is almost poetic. (interestingly, I had to look up the anagram for entropy, also interesting is use of the word law, singular) The left’s is bottom line. This is the two perspectives on the question. Both are right. When Walter’s life becomes too turbulent the ANN slams el Loco Gringo into the breech.

Or as Jill Bolte Taylor put it’, “The we inside of me”

In the dreaming mode bottom up thinking replays previous experiences in holodeck fashion to see if better solutions can be found. If a hit is registered, it resets the algorithms. The snippets one recalls upon awakening is only the buffer being cleared so dreams don’t get confused with reality.

Humor is the realization that you should have been operating in the other mode. IE you were using inappropriate logic to address the concept proposed.  Simply, your mind has been tricked.  Like tickling the mind. (That last was an insight)

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