Blue Sky Project


“If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand pictures” – el Loco Gringo

If you will begin with certainties, you shall end in doubts, but if you will content to begin with doubts, you shall end in almost certainties.” -Francis Bacon

Like seeing that the sky is blue. I go outside and look up “Yup, it’s blue” Yet how can I explain this to a blind person? Lets start with “what is blue?” Oops!, but blue is an artifact, blue ain’t real, it is just an interpretation of real.  Then it explodes into physics, optics, astronomy, math, etc. And, to the person I am trying to explain it to, he is left with “incomplete logic trees” incomprehensible and obscure. He cannot see the “blue sky”. The mind is simple once you accept that it is indeterminate.

RatBrain2 explains in one minute the basics of everything I am trying to say. The mind is a self programing amorphous mass of neurons. That’s a fact, it’s not a theory. Try to see the “Blue Sky”. It is a tiny step from seeing the Blue Sky to tripling mankind’s cognitive ability. To be “more than we can be”. If you can see the Blue Sky, you can understand the mind. Those of you who are into whole brain, non-dualism, meditation, TM, yoga etc. should be able to see the blue sky sooner.  These mind expanding methods are not THE answers but each is AN answer.

We’re going to start with a self programming amorphous mass of neurons. Instead of 300,000 (rat brained robot) it will have 10 billion. We will slowly build it up to explain how it functions, how it can be crippled, and how to unlock it. This paper will not cover chemical effects, hormones, specialized brain structures, brain injuries or any such. I will leave that to those who are interested in such irrelevancies. I do not need to know how to build a car to be able to drive it. And that’s all I am attempting. No more. No less.

If you get disorientated at any point in this paper, watch the video again and get your feet back on the ground. Do not be embarrassed, social conditioning is strong and difficult to overcome. I will try to go slow as I am trying to explain constructivist concepts in reductionist lingo. el Loco Gringo will hold your hand and guide you through the morass. It is not your intellect that prevents you from seeing the blue sky, it is the social conditioning which has crushed creativity. Even Kevin Warwick, who built the rat brain robot, cannot see the blue sky. Once you can see the blue sky, the rest is easy, even obvious. copy and paste the below link into your browser

Rat Brain Robot

We will start by examining how the mind really works and build up to emotional aspects such as centering, educational blocks and spiritual inhibitions.

There are none so blind as those who will not see.” -Thomas Chalkley


Why can no one see this?

Is everyone really insane?

Why can no one see the blue sky?  Why can no one make this intuitive leap.  That the brain basically is a

self programing amorphous mass of neurons

IE the mind is a programmed brain.

Why is the significance of this overlooked?  This is the greatest discovery in the history of man, and it is being dismissed as a method to maybe gain some understanding of old timers disease.  This is the E=MC^2 of the mind.  and nobody cares.  even Kevin Warick can’t see what he’s done.  As Einstein asked “is everyone else crazy, or am I?”

Start with the neuron. This is where everything must start. It is the beginning. It is the alpha. It is the doorway. It is the key to understanding the mind. ANY thought pattern concerning the mind that doesn’t start here is insane.

Applying reductionist (top down) thinking to the neuron yields the neurologist. Perfectly OK. The neuron is determinate. Results are accurate and predictable. The scientific method at it’s best.

Applying constructionist (bottom up) thinking to the neuron yields the ANN. Again perfectly OK. The mind is indeterminate. The results are accurate and predictable. The lateral method at it’s best.

Applying top down thinking to the mind yields insanity. When building a house you don’t start with the roof and work your way down. You will end up with a trash pile of rubbish (psychology) which collapses under it’s own weight. You must start with the foundation.

Step back and forget everything you know about psychology, in fact just forget everything you think you know. Try to get to the mental state of the infant, un-indoctrinated, centered, no blocks or taboos, no preconceptions, no knowledge. Point your peepers at this problem and you will see that “when you put neurons together they connect and start communicating”. Why? Because that’s what neurons do. That’s how they evolved. If you want to know how, you ask a neurologist and he’ll give you an accurate answer. RatBrain2 demonstrates the first 3 steps in the constructionist thought process that will lead to an accurate understanding of the mind. The ANN is accurate and predictable. It becomes obvious. I’ll give you a hint on step 4. What is the robot doing? IE it is an amorphous mass of neurons which have connected and started communicating and is doing what?

“Appropriate logic applied to relevant data yields truth” – el Loco Gringo

Think like da Vinci.

Yes Al, everybody really is insane. Wish you were here.


Watch ratbrain-2 and ponder the significance of what is happening. Keep watching it until your left hemisphere gets frustrated trying to make sense out of it and turns it over to the right hemisphere. The left hemisphere will keep saying “So what?”  Watch it again to discover “what”.  You will have an epiphany, a flash of insight that will illuminate reality like a flare going off over the field of battle. Indeterminate problems become simple using constructionist thinking. Look for the blue sky. This is my nirvana.


Also interesting is the Blue Brain Project.  Negentropy rules

“Truth is simple and beautiful, Deceit is devious and ugly” – el Loco Gringo

“The mind is elegant in it’s simplicity, Incomprehensible in its scale, And glorious in it’s implementation” – el Loco Gringo

“You are a child of the universe, No less than the trees and the stars, You have a right to be here” – Max Ehrmann

You will notice an irreverent tone in this paper, very unprofessional. It is intentional. Professionalism crushes creativity.

Into the fray we go, Let the games begin.

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