Bottom up thinking – a process of aggregation of ALL+Perceived data which does not fail top down thinking and having found a “best answer to date”, the algorithms can be set, become in agreement and an hypothesis (guess) can be formed which remains a p-truth until more data becomes available. (Long sentence, I’m sorry, but it’s all one concept) This p-truth is that time is an artifact. (which raises the question “of what?” which, in and of itself, raises the philosophical question “who gives a shit?”

It is not TRUTH, but only a p-truth on the path to TRUTH which will can never be achieved, we can only sneak up on it, in the sense of Newton’s concept of approaching infinity. The “of what” question alluded to earlier would suggest a negentropic universe, at which time this p-truth becomes a m-truth. Addressing this must wait until the “time as an artifact” passes the scientific method. (Although it wouldn’t hurt to mention it so as to get credit) As to “who gives a shit?” probably nobody. Why does the mind do this? Consider the following from a few good men.

You want answers? Lt. Daniel Kaffee:
I think I’m entitled. Col. Nathan R. Jessep:
You want answers?! Lt. Daniel Kaffee:
I want the truth! Col. Nathan R. Jessep:
You can’t handle the truth!

Our minds cannot handle the truth. Reality is chaotic, in both senses of the word, and is imperfectly sensed, heavily filtered, collated in the right hemisphere, and quantized in the left hemisphere so as to be presented in a usable fashion. An m-truth which supports this theory is the “magic of music”, worthy of a paper in itself. I’ll have to show you this, this will blow your mind. Think of the spinning cylinder I mentioned earlier. Entire disciplines have been built up, trigonometry, Fourier transforms, mathematics, musical notation etc. to describe this phenomenon, but it’s still only ways to quantify what is, after all, only a spinning cylinder, even this concept flawed by the inadequacy of of our sensory input. This goes past the shadows of Plato’s cave, this is shadows of shadows of shadows. A quantification of a perception of what is seen through a filter. But, in the end, it’s still only a limited perception of a spinning cylinder.

Why can no one see these big gaping holes in the logic of the scientific method? It’s like mental masturbation. It’s insanity. The scientific method cannot prove or discover anything, it can only disprove. It is negative by nature, as it should be, a check on bottom up thinking. A process of elimination to counter and augment the process of accumulation. It should be an adjunct to bottom up thinking but it’s use has been to reinforce dogma. It does not seek truth, it attacks new concepts, as it should. We must have good reason to abandon a concept which has survival value. Why does no one realize that knowledge is only guesses, IE best answers to date? One possibility is that the ability to do bottom up thinking has been bred out of the population, like left-handedness, and for the same reason. Indoctrination techniques do not work on left handed people and bottom up thinkers. This would mean that SNAP has been bred out of the population. People with SNAP are .07% of the population. 200 in US

Which brings me full circle. Why are people dumb? Why can nobody balance their algorithms? My bullshit detector is almost continuously triggered. Bottom up thinking is tedious and tiresome and does not seem to effect my dealings with society. I choose not to, I choose reclusion.

The exclamation of discovery is not “eureka” but “that’s odd”. And nobody can see the “odd”.  Your observation that I am on a mountaintop is astute, but the view IS marvelous, don’t you know?.

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