a counterfeit concept

Having yet to hear you utter anything stupid, I checked out intuition here>

First paragraph>”Bergson introduces two ways in which an object can be known: absolutely and relatively. Pertaining to each mode of knowledge is a method through which it can be gained. The latter’s method is what Bergson calls analysis, while the method of intuition belongs to the former.”

He immediately lets the Aristotelian Brain Fart. He’s wrong, as is his main antagonist Kant. In this case the answer is not A or B, or Both but neither. What is a twisted, byzantine labyrinth of illogic becomes quite simple if one can only accept that we have two cognitive minds, each with it’s own logic and process. A very complex problem is no sweat if handled in two methods by two processors and the results correlated. The first process is binary, the second process is Boolean. While the left mind is concerned with (pseudo) TRUTH, the right mind is concerned with truths. (consistencies) Discounting the reticulum weighting to keep it simple. There are four things involved, consistent, inconsistent, not consistent, and not inconsistent. (we’re Boolean, remember?) And the difference is not semantic.

The conscious is me. walt, the subconscious is el Loco Gringo

They both interface through Walter. Since most people already know who their “me” is, I’ll speak only of the subconscious. I picture mine as having the intelligence and temperament of a puppy with enormous storage and collating abilities. When I get curious about something, he starts sniffing around. Conscious-subconscious interface. The relationship between “me” and eLG is not unlike that between you and the computer on your desk. If you get curious about something you turn to your computer and google it. The alternative is to drive down to the library and look it up. Choosing the alternative strikes me as insane. Yet this is what is happening in most peoples mind. They’ve unplugged the computer. Insight, dreams, images etc is nothing more than “you’ve got mail”. An attention getter. A correlation has been made. IE here’s something you need to look at.

Like a puppy, eLG knows I’m looking for something, he doesn’t know why, nor does he care. But he’s found it, and sending a “you’ve got mail” in the best way he can. A puppy can’t speak, and ain’t too bright, but it does know where what you’re looking for is. So I follow the puppy, I don’t try to lead it. If I’m going in the right direction the puppy wags it’s tail, if I.m going in the wrong direction the puppy sits. (metaphorically speaking) This isn’t thinking, or reasoning or logic. It’s just following the path of least resistance. (If you’ve ever had a hungry cat, you know exactly what I’m talking about.)

Consider:The first image is a city reconstructed with juxtaposed photographs taken from every viewpoint and angle. The reconstruction can never give us the dimensional value of walking through the actual city.

But it is not necessary to walk through the city to resolve a particular issue. The right mind has it’s own logic, distinct from the left. My puppy. He ain’t too bright, but he does have a plan, simple as it is.

My puppy doesn’t have to walk through the entire city, he only has to walk through the part of the city I am interested in, and I am not interested in consistencies or inconsistencies, only non-inconsistencies and maybe non-consistencies if I’m getting metaphysical. (how many ways do you need to prove a lion is dangerous?)

And why does he walk? Because that’s what puppies (neurons) do. And if the doorman doesn’t let the puppy out occasionally, he’s going to shit on the carpet.

Below are a couple of examples. What I thought was Italian, seems to be Romanian. Why?

Dart Abestosopra

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