The Quintessential Man

What Every Woman Needs To Know About MenThere is a movie mid 1940’s in which Humphrey Bogart plays a cynical, hard bitten coarse owner of a bar and casino in Casablanca. (The name of the movie) In the movie there is a sequence in which a young woman approaches him to ask for advice on whether or not to sleep with the constable to obtain passage out of Morocco before the Nazi’s take over. She and her husband are Jewish and do not have the money to pay the bribes. Her husband is in the casino gambling the last of their funds. Rick blows her off, wanders into the casino and whispers to her husband “22 black” the wheel is spun and the ball lands in 22 black. The husband reaches for the chips and Rick whispers “let it ride” 22 black again. Rick says loudly “Cash in your chips and get out of here. Never come back.” Rick has gone through an elaborate ruse to hide (to others, and perhaps to himself) the fact that he has feelings (taboo). This is within every man.

The Quintessential Man

“In the 1942 film Casablanca, Rick’s Café Americain has a trick roulette wheel. The croupier can cause it to land on 22 at will. Rick (Humphrey Bogart) urges a Bulgarian refugee with whose case he becomes sympathetic to put his last three chips on 22 and motions to the croupier to let him win. After the man’s number dramatically comes up, Rick tells him to let it all ride on 22 and lets him win again. Although the details are not mentioned in the film (the croupier only notes that they are “a couple of thousand” down), it appears that Rick has given the man 3885 ((3*36*36)-3) francs.Three on any number would pay 35 to 1, “letting it ride” would result in a bet of 108(105+3)pieces, which would yield a payoff of 3780, or 3888 if he took his bet down.” – Wikipedia

Here’s the entire movie, Casablanca here, if you want it.

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