of the Titanic


ONE OF THE LEAST VISITED memorials in Washington is a waterfront statue commemorating the men who died on the Titanic. Seventy-four percent of the women passengers survived the April 15, 1912, calamity, while 80 percent of the men perished. Why? Because the men followed the principle “women and children first.”

The monument, an 18-foot granite male figure with arms outstretched to the side, was erected by “the women of America” in 1931 to show their gratitude. The inscription reads: “To the brave men who perished in the wreck of the Titanic. . . . They gave their lives that women and children might be saved.”

Compare this to the sinking of the Estonia in 1994.  Of the 989 people onboard M/S ESTONIA only 137 survived. There were 94 passengers who survived the catastrophe, 80 men and 14 women. There were also a total of 43 crew members who survived, 31 men and 12 women. During the two day rescue operation 95 bodies were recovered, 53 men and 42 women. A total of 757 people are missing and presumed dead, 340 men and 417 women.  The men were throwing the women out of the life boats.  Hmmm!

Today, almost no one remembers those men. Women no longer bring flowers to the statue on April 15 to honor their chivalry. The idea of male gallantry makes many women nervous, suggesting (as it does) that women require special protection. It implies the sexes are objectively different. It tells us that some things are best left to men. Gallantry is a virtue that dare not speak its name.

“It’s a bad time to be a boy in America,” writes Christina Hoff Sommers. Boys are less likely than girls to go to college or do their homework. They’re more likely to cheat on tests, wind up in detention, or drop out of school. Yet it’s “the myth of the fragile girl,” that is being discussed in contemporary books.When boys are discussed at all, it’s in the context of how to modify their antisocial behavior–i.e., how to make them more like girls.     It has become fashionable to attribute pathology to millions of healthy boys. Boys need love and tolerant understanding. They do not need to be shot up with dopazine.
Her previous book “Who Stole Feminism” pointed out the gender switch. “If we continue on our present course, boys will, indeed, be tomorrow’s second sex.”  She essentially urges parents and educators to let boys be boys, even though their “very masculinity turns out to be politically incorrect.”

In Manliness, Harvey C. Mansfield seeks to persuade skeptical readers, especially educated women, to reconsider the merits of male protectiveness and assertiveness. It is in no way a defense of male privilege, but many will be offended by its old-fashioned claim that the virtues of men and women are different and complementary. Women would be foolish not to pay close attention to Mansfield’s subtle and fascinating argument.

Mansfield offers what he calls a modest defense of manliness.   “Most good things, like French wine, are mostly good and accidentally bad. Manliness, however, seems to be about fifty-fifty good and bad.  “Manliness,” he says, “is a quality that causes individuals to stand for something.” “so the man’s soul defends human ends higher than itself.”

The manly man is not satisfied to let things be as they are, and he makes sure everyone knows it. He invests his perception of injustice with cosmic importance.  Manliness can be noble and heroic, like the men on the Titanic; but it can also be foolish, stubborn, and violent.  Manliness  transcends mere animal spiritedness.  Moreover, women seem to like manly men: “Manliness is still around, and we still find it attractive,” says Mansfield.  It is difficult for a man who is attracted to a woman not to find her cute, rather than intimidating, when she gets angry.  Too much manliness is dangerous, but too little is fatal to a society’s prospects for greatness–or even for its survival.  The true man wants two things, danger and play. For that reason he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything.

“It should be expected that men will be manly and sometimes a bit bossy and that women will be impressed with them or skeptical.”

There is a movement among men to revive the virtues of a bygone era.  The Art of manliness is an excellent site.  Bringing back quaint concepts such as chivalry, gallantry, good taste, social responsibility.  This is the address bar of one such site.  The Art of Manliness

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Where are these life skills being taught in todays society?  There is no room for a man to be manly.  There are even yoga classes for men.  A real man doesn’t do yoga, he does zen.  No noble cause. No desire to be more than you can be.  No striving for excellence.  A man’s gotta believe in something.  Despite the feminism, women still want manly men (preferably with money)

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