Mr Ted, 06/28/10

Aha! Back to having fun again.

It is a generally accepted theory that inherited genotype, transmitted epigenetic factors, and non-hereditary environmental variation contribute to the phenotype of an individual.”

That’s an incomplete shortcut, something I would say to an idiot. To a non-idiot I would say something like “Dunno, but it seems to have something to do with genotype, epigenetics and environment. As to bouncing back and forth, I’m yinyanging. (comparing the outputs of the left and right minds for inconsistencies). Compare this to an idiot who has their right mind crippled by imprinting of dogma. (western civilization) The outputs always compare. The left mind says A is truth, the right mind says see left mind. Therefore A is TRUTH. TRUTH is impossible, unless you’re GOD (or the BIG HOOCHIE KOOCHIE) So an idiot is yangyanging and you, Mr Ted, are yinyining. Fascinating!

There is no TRUTH, there are only truths” – el Loco Gringo

As to “it ain’t real” I’ve gone as far as I can without more data, specifically what is happening at the interface of local/spacial forcing (right mind) . IE how accurate is it? Your inclusional worldview is certainly more complete than mine, but it doesn’t add any new data in a usable format. So I am left with the BIG HOOCHIE appears to be negentropic, vibrational with a harmonic of 8. And that is iffy, more than speculation but less than TRUTH. It is merely truth.

So you are right in your observation that yangyanging blocks creativity.

This is pretty good actually, I’m going to have to flesh it out and post it.

Mr Sid just posted something interesting, check this out



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