Brain Fart Visuals

I’ll use the mobile to try to explain what I’m talking about. I’ll use the triquerta to represent reality. You may call it GOD, cosmic standing wave, space-time continuum, Tao, great mysterious. Doesn’t matter, it’s all the same thing. This is the invariable (to us) in the equation Left Mind + Right Mind <=> Reality. IE reality does not depend on what we think of it or her or him or them or something for which we have no pronouns. All we can do is perceive it and react. (et al). Read <=> as perceive.

So, we be perceiving. Below is the basic mobile. White pendant represents yin, or feminine god, or mother earth, or constructionist, or bottom up whatever. The black pendant represents yang, or masculine god, or top down, or reductionist, or top down whatever. It doesn’t matter it’s all the same thing. The blue, of course represents reality, whatever you choose to call it. None of tthis matters, these are only words describing an identical concept, and the word is not the concept.The hindu world view has no BF’s that I have seen yet.

I’ll plug some values into the oriental world view. Tao represents reality, yin and yang are inside the skull.

In this mobile the yin and the yang are looking at tao. Below is the TBF the Taoist Brain Fart, in which the output of the right mind is imprinted on the left mind and is mistaken for reality. Cannot perceive reality (<X>)Now for the normal western mind, this is the way the mind is supposed to work. The ANN compares the outputs of the left mind and the right mind for inconsistencies.

Now for the ABF The Aristotelean (athiest) brain fart. In this case the output of the left mind has been imprinted on the right mind and is mistaken for reality.Now to the most divisive, the spiritual worldview. This is a normal western mind looking through the spiritual tunnel. This is a normal mind. In the left mind is religion, in the right mind is god, our perception of GOD.

Now we get down to the real nitty gritty. The RBF (religious brain fart. wherein religion is imprinted on the right mind. In practical terms, what this means is that if you have the RGF you cannot experience GOD directly, or even god, but only a facsimile of god.I’ll finish up with the Amerind world view, I am not aware of an IBF I have only a database of one. Left is Father Sky Right is Mother Earth

So, don’t you wonder what you’re praying to? Is it the god inside the skull, the GOD outside the skull or more likely religion. Hmm!

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