The Cork

I am afraid, in general terms, that our standard way of thinking cannot deal with quantum physics’ findings. meaning that trying to include the latter in a broader, philosophical theory is wrong by definition. In a Kantian way: our thought’s “a priori” prevent us from really “owning” quantum reality ontologically. It is my understanding that to really deal with quantum physics’ reality one has to leave behind any other prior “thought”, or “knowledge”, or “experience” of the universe and accept new coordinates. very counterintuitive ones.

Pirsig gives a more quantum, extended view of a balance between stasis and dynamis, “That’s the whole thing: to obtain static and Dynamic Quality simultaneously. If you don’t have the static patterns of scientific knowledge to build upon you’re back with the cave man. But if you don’t have the freedom to change those patterns you’re blocked from any further growth.” Page 210, Lila, Bantam hardbound, 1991 (first edition). The object orientated thought process

Stein propounds: “Thus, what is called determinism turns out to be analyticity or identity and what is called change appears to be inexplicable in classical physics; i.e., change appears to be only the existence of time.” Page 35, The Concept of Object as the Foundation of Physics, Peter Lang Pub., 1996.

Hmm! Another way to look at the problem. Granted, he’s speaking of programming but the concept of static and dynamic holds with the two cognitive minds concept of the ANN. The minds work (unless hijacked by ideology) exactly the same no matter what problem they are evaluating. If we compare the subconscious to the bottle, we have sealed ourselves in a bottle and somehow must reach outside this bottle to pull the cork. I think the gif is a very good analogy to what happens in a nervous breakdown, spiritual emergency, PTSD or whatever term one wishes to use to describe the back pressure in the subconscious resulting in an eruption. Standard psychology practice is to stick the cork back in the bottle (the patient must be turned back into an idiot), rather than relieving the pressure. This is the brain fart, a flaw in the wetware which allows the right mind to be shut down by hyper-males with nefarious intent, while also crippling creativity.

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