I’ll try another approach. Keeping in mind that what we see is not what we perceive. What we perceive are systems, what we see is an interpretation of what we see. IE the “real” world is not composed of objects, but systems.
Systems share common characteristics, including:
Systems have structure, defined by parts and their composition;
Systems have behavior, which involves inputs, processing and outputs of material, energy or information;
Systems have interconnectivity: the various parts of a system have functional as well as structural relationships between each other. IE Systems are self organizing
Yet most people assume that what they see is what they perceive.
Also keep in mind that people think backwards, IE The see the movement of the tree leaves and assume that to be the cause of wind. They confuse cause and effect. (we evolved to be slaves)
Starting at the bottom, we’ll look at the fabric of the universe. Einstein assumed it to consist of 3 dimensions plus the space/time continuum. But time is not real, it is an interpretation of vectored movement. (direction + amplitude) In the sense that a line is the shadow of a square, a square is the shadow of a cube and a cube is the shadow of a dodecahedron. We can’t see a line but we can perceive it. We can see and perceive a square and a cube. We cannot see or perceive a dodecahedron. So the fabric of the universe consists of 3 dimensions and the ether, as described by Plato, or the 3 dimensions plus a fourth as described by Lisi. (It’s the same thing)
Next up is the atomic level, The electron, proton and neuron are actually shadows of vibrations in the fourth dimension, Fractals are shadows of these vibrations and provide the structure of the universe. (you/re probably wondering right now about what this has to do with PTSD but it’s relevant)
Next up is the neuron, which, in accordance with the laws of the universe is a self organizing system. When it becomes organized we call it a mind. Throughout all of this is the self organizing effect of the vibrations in the 4th dimension. (fractals) In view of the butterfly effect the odds approach infinity that any two minds are alike, although it could be said that most brains are similar. That’s about as indeterminate as you can get.
Next up is society, which again, must conform to the laws of the universe (system). The individual performs the role of the neuron in the mind. The problem is that the individual mind is (usually) flawed and provides negative feedback resulting in a dysfunctional society which affects the individual. (mental disorders) It is pathological to be well-adjusted in a dysfunctional society. It is society which is the collective consciousness, and it is psychotic.
Psychosis is a loss of contact with reality, usually including false ideas about what is taking place or who one is (delusions) and seeing or hearing things that aren’t there (hallucinations) (or things that are there that they can’t see – Walt)
Interestingly, the web seems to be following these same laws of self-organization. We may indeed be approaching the Singularity.
I hope that clears things up
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