The PTIB Syndrome

“A word means what I intend it to mean, no more, no less” – The Mad Hatter

Little Boxes Weeds Single Story

Epistemology of PTIB compulsion

(Putting Things in Boxes)

Yes, Yes, Yes. Melvina could see the blue sky.  In reductionist thinking everything is put in little boxes and reduced to the least common denominator.  Look for wisdom in the arts.

Description; a debilitating mental disorder that cripples logic in the areas of psychology, law, morality, ethics, manners, politics, religion and race). Victims exhibit a compulsion to put things in baskets, even if they don’t belong. This seems to give them a sense of power, a misguided belief that they understand what is happening. It is delusional in nature.

History; Originating in the paleolithic (2.6 million years ago, pre human) Being eight sigma out non-victims are statistically insignificant and will not be considered. First identified in 1946.

Pathogen; Viral taboo on pride

Symptoms; Strong defense mechanism against logic and fact. Difficulty becoming centered.

Recent developments; Two alternate views, (A) people are stupid. (you can’t fix stupid. Stupid is forever.) (B)People are lazy, putting things in baskets so they don’t have to deal with them.

Summary; people are hazy, lazy or crazy

Prognosis; Not good

Treatment; QD Fix, a 50,000 yr old technique proven useful for begoning demons, letting out black bile, exorcizing, relieving sanguine, casting out Satan or centering depending on which era one is living in. It works as well today as it ever has. Retro-psycho-therapy if you will.

Conclusion; There has not been an advance in understanding of the mind for at least 2500 years (Plato). Old concepts are re-packaged and passed off as modern. Where is the Einstein of Psychology?

The Scientific Method

The bane of creativity

“that which causes ruin or woe”

Top Down thinking, Reductionist, left brain. This is the biggest impediment to thinking of all the boxes. It puts the mind in a box, delimits it, establishes an upper limit to knowledge, crushes creativity. Perfectly OK for the neolithic savannah, or a truth that is KNOWN and not a belief. But this thinking mode evolved when speed was important so as not to become lion lunch. Check out the recent upheaval in biology when the reality of epigenitics was established. The “truth” of DNA genetic encoding has proven to be bullshit. This is a major breakthrough that occurred in spite of, not because of the scientific method.   Epigenetics – The New Biology KeyToScience

The Echo Box

One of my favorites.  People can be surrounded by idiots in a group who echo their lies.  If it continues long enough they come to believe it themselves.  They are lying to themselves and they believe it.  Seek your own truth, that tiny voice peeping in the farthest corner of the box that says “They’re all full of shit”.  Be who you’re supposed to be, not who someone else wants you to be.  Learn to be alone without being lonely.  Travel the path less travelled.  Reach outside the box.  Color outside the lines.  Reach within and find yourself.  Swim against the current.  Refuse to live in this ant’s warren of a modern society. Refuse to live a meaningless life.  Refuse to live in the box.  Push the envelope.  Be somebody, not somebody else.   Path less traveled

The Word Box

Can words delimit and bias our thoughts?  Apparantly so according to one linguist.  This can make it almost impossible to transfer a concept from one person to another in it’s entirety.  The concept is stuffed into the box and the pieces hanging out are cut off.  Thus creativity is stifled again.  Einstein’s conception of the space time continuum could not be expressed in words, so he was reduced to using mathematics.  BTW, there is a school of philosophy which postulates that having a concept for which there are no words, is, in and of itself an indication of insanity.  WOW! And they think I’m crazy.

“The effect is powerful enough, she says, that “the private mental lives of speakers of different languages may differ dramatically,” not only when they are thinking in order to speak, “but in all manner of cognitive tasks,” including basic sensory perception. “Even a small fluke of grammar”—the gender of nouns—”can have an effect on how people think about things in the world,” – Lera Boroditsky

I have a friend, Hugo, hispanic with a limited english vocabulary. He had difficulty with the concept of silly. There is no word for silly in spanish, only stupido (stupid) after considerable time he snapped to the meaning and was delighted with the concept. What he snapped to was a football player running the wrong way with a ball is stupid, a football player in a tu tu running the wrong way is silly. It’s the kind of stupid that makes you smile. The concept spread to his family and friends. Even those who could not speak English were using it. I could hear silly in discussions in Spanish. Weird.

Previously I spent time in Singapore and was struck with the fact of the perceptual difference between the natives and occidentals. When I took my shirts to the cleaners, he asked if I wanted blue dye in them. “most Europeans want blue dye in their shirts” How odd. With only a little checking I found that the “whitening agent” used in detergents is in fact blue dye. You can actually see them, little blue beads among the flakes. To an oriental an occidentals white shirt has a blue tinge. To an occidental white looks “dingy”. Isn’t that peculiar?

In another incident my amah, Ah Soo, called me to the window to see a particularly striking rainbow, “the three colors are quite distinct”. Sorry, I see five. I looked it up and found there are supposed to be seven. Sorry, still only five. I did some asking around. When a rainbow appeared (there’s a lot of rainbows in Singapore, it’s a tropical country) I would ask a nearby person how many colors he saw. A European would say “seven” then “but this ones only got five”. An Chinese would say five, without hesitation and a Malay would say three without hesitation.

Interestingly, the Malay language is primative, having no written language they have no word for book.  So the borrowed the english word as buka, since they can only count to 3 a book is buka, books are buka, buka, and a library is buka, buka, buka.  They can’t conceptualize 4 of anything.  Hence 3 colors in the rainbow.   What’s in a word?

Tunnel Vision

Yet another impediment to perception is tunnel vision.  Our culture, upbringing, education limit our view of the world.  Whereas we have difficulty with the measurement problem in quantum physics, the oriental mind has no problem visualizing an object being in several places at the same time.  Robert Anton says a mouthful.

Robert Anton explains this very well in the below video.  He speaks of tunneling and how the oriental and the occidental view life through tunnels which restrict our field of view.  Our opinions say more about how the mind works than the world.  It is worth pondering what he has to say about not only quantum physics but our view of the world.

Einstein’s thoughts on the matter were exposed when he asked a prominent quantum physicist “Do you really believe that when you’re not looking at the moon, it’s not there?” Robert Anton – Tunneling

Plantation Think

Another debilitating disorder that only affects blacks and only in America. It is of the boomerang variety, no matter where the conversation goes, it always comes back. The TMI block for this disorder is usually “you can’t understand what it’s like to be black” The military uses a broad spectrum QD Fix to adjust the attitude not only for blacks, but for a wide variety of mental aberrations. It is usually administered within the first five minutes of the recruits arriving at boot camp. Although heavy handed and crude, it appears to provide a lifetime immunity to the disorder. Approximately 30% of the victims mental capacities is devoted to maintaining the defense mechanism resulting in, among other things, lower scores on IQ tests, poor job performance, low self esteem etc. Any attempts to rectify the situation evoke a collective violent defense mechanism of “racism”. This is just another situation of black assholes exploiting the hole in the soul.  Understand that this is a racist attack, precluding communication.

Oddly enough, studies show that black children reflect mainstream attitudes. IE blacks, for the most part, hold the same attitudes as whites.

Oddly enough, this is a real mental disorder and there’s no basket for it.

The QD Fix is quite effective in treating it and establishing a defense mechanism against assholes.   Military QD Fix Nigger

The TMI Block

Used to stop dialogue, usually one of the taboos.

The Norman Block

In 1066 England was conquered by Normandy.  The ruling class was replaced with French counterparts.  This had a profound effect on language.  Beouf, for instance, means cattle in French.  But it came to mean steak in English.  Peasants eat cattle, the upper class eats beef.  Also the circumloqutious manner of speaking.  For instance, the phrase “Your child is not performing to his full potential.” (French word structure) instead of the english “Your kid could do better”  This is how the professions maintain their grip on power IE they have a secret language that the peasants  (that’s you) do not understand.  There is nothing really profound in the concepts of the professions.  It is the language use which obfuscates what they are saying.  They hide the truth with their oblique language.  Consider George Carlins “7 words you can’t say on TV”.  These words are considered to be vulgar.  But they’re not really vulgar, (they are perfectly valid English words used for thousands of years) they are low class (peasant talk).  One would be hard pressed to determine whether  a couple is “making love” or “fucking”.

Sex; Sounds simple enough

  1. Insert tab A in slot B
  2. Push
  3. Pull
  4. Repeat as necessary

It’s a lot of fun too (if memory serves me correctly). Beyond taking a few common sense precautions, such as don’t excite the children, don’t scare the horses (if you don’t care about walking home go ahead and scare the horses), have fun kids, enjoy. Why then, when one goes to a sex therapist, does one get a TMI block?

You see Dr. every time I want to have sex with my ….”

We need to get back to the issue at hand, which is your emotional relationships”

How can you talk about sex without talking about sex? Rather than address the issue directly they dance around it, using a complex, convoluted, devious, Byzantine labyrinth of illogic to avoid addressing the issue directly. Why does anyone care? Without the taboo, they wouldn’t need a sex therapist.

This is a dysfunctional vestige of our proto-human heritage where the dominant male got all the poontang and the subservient male ended up tossing off. But we don’t live in the neolithic anymore. 7 Dirty Words


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