Inner Child

Inner Child Workshops
Whereas a normal mind has two algorithms in tandem (both), and a multiple personality has two in parallel (either/or).  A person with inner child problems has only one algorithm,  a one dimensional personality.   Regression is the only way I have been able to reach this algorithm.  When contact is established, I have to keep in mind that this algorithm has been locked into a childhood pattern and is unable to function in an adult mode.  Once emerged this algorithm is very fragile and will require long term therapy to bring the algorithm up to speed.  I cannot (and do not want to) imagine what kind of emotional trauma they suffered to cause this.  It is very painful for me to do.  Fortunately, it was an educational type class held at the Houston Medical Center and I could pass them off to the monitor.  Each session there were five (different) student observers, which would not speak or respond.  They were motioned out before the session ended. The group itself consisted of three really freaky people,  I don’t see how they could have functioned.  Maybe 35 50 yrs old. The other three were mid 20’s and seemed OK to me.   I suspect they were psychologists.  I am not emotionally strong enough to handle this kind of stuff.  I had to back out, it’s just too spooky for me.  It’s like seeing the exorcist, except it’s real..  I don’t know the long term outcome.  I wish them well.
Bear in mind, this was some 30 years ago, and is only my current take on the memory of events.  The actual experience was much less cohesive.  Nobody seemed to be suprised by events.  Last time I’m ever going to volunteer for a group.  Or adopt children for that matter.  Ellen Crestman, last I checked she was head of Harris County CPS.  Forgot about her, that’s two psychologists that aren’t idiots.  Since I wrote this I’ve done couple of other posts on the topic.

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