Diane Benscoter has an interesting take on centering. She views memes as a viral self replicating mental infection which will spread to people whose self confidence immune system has failed.

It is clear, with a better visualization of the dendrite system, that making harmonious decisions requires more than centering. The “self identity” and the “me identity” must be kept in balance to allow un-biased decisions. Ie The ambient aggregate output of the dendrite system must be kept close to zero, else our decisions can go widdershins. We won’t be able to make rational decisions.

Me identity-left hemisphere, I am individuated from the universe.

Self identity-right hemisphere, I am one with the universe.

A centered person will strive to maintain the balance. For instance, in considering joining the military, a person may consider the cons “could get killed” against the pros, college, housing and decide they balance or become positive. Or he could be a warrior by nature and joining becomes a win-win situation. Speaking to a soldier with a leg wound, he expressed concern that they wouldn’t let him go back to Iraq. I asked why he wanted to go back. He responded “I’m a warrior, that’s what I do, Iraq’s where the war is.”

The yin/yang symbol is a metaphor for the constant dance between the masculine and feminine energies within each one of us. Taiji is the balance of these forces.

(Centering is what allows this dance to take place)

Yin is the female energy, the intuitive, receptive, nurturing side of ourselves that is in connection with the Divine. Yin is the energy that yields to the forces around it, flowing, and smooth — the force that allows a seed to germinate in winter and makes water flow smoothly around a stone in the creek.

Yang is the masculine energy — the strong, action-oriented, forceful side of ourselves that gets things accomplished. Yang is the force that makes a seed sprout in the spring and makes strong flowing water move or sculpt the stones in a creek.

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