The educational Imprint

The lattice is a framework of “blocks” imposed by the educational system to reject lines of thought that do not conform to reductionist thinking. An implant on the right hemisphere. This applies to the hard sciences (math, chemistry, astronomy), the soft pseudo-sciences (psychology, philosophy, sociology) but not the arts. This has the tragic effect of completely destroying creativity in the soft sciences and crippling it in the hard sciences. This is analogous to the right hemisphere peeking at the world through a lattice fence, where only approved logic is allowed. This is a philosophical issue within the educational system, on the one hand the stupid reductionist idiots who feel that constructivist thinking has no place in the educational system and the equally stupid constructivist idiots, who feel that reductionist thinking has no place in the educational system. Belief is presented as fact. The one foray into the educational system by the constructivists was “new math”, set theory. It was an abysmal failure, of course, The answer is not A or B the answer is A + B. Professional teachers are the foot soldiers in this petty squabble among idiots, themselves brainwashed into thinking they are educating students, when in fact they are de-educating them. “Constructivism is a psychological theory of knowledge which argues that humans generate knowledge and meaning from their experiences. Constructivism is not a specific pedagogy, although it is often confused with constructionism, an educational theory developed by Seymour Papert. Paiget’s theory of constructivist learning has had wide ranging impact on learning theories and teaching methods in education and is an underlying theme of many education reform movements. Research support for constructivist teaching techniques has been mixed, with some research supporting these techniques and other research contradicting those results.” – Wikipedia

Pragmatism Schools The Wall TopDown/BottomUp

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