The Fireplug Phenomenon

How many fireplugs did you notice on the way to work today? Probably none. Yet standard codes dictate at least 1 fire hydrant every 600 feet. (300′ each engine) Now if you were a fireman, you would be able to recount every one. This happens because the algorithm is programmed to discard irrelevant or redundant data. The algorithm is primarily a data discarding mechanism. For instance, you walk into your office and sit down. You look around, Yup, my office. You seen one, you’ve seen them all. All subsequent information is discarded. As you look around a second time all input data is discarded and the mind reconstructs the image as per previous input data. Now el Loco Gringo walks in wearing a yellow cowboy hat. You will notice because it is in contrast to your stored information on el Loco Gringo. This new information is stored. The phone rings, you turn to answer it. el Loco Gringo swaps the yellow cowboy hat for a red one. You turn back. You won’t notice the change. Your mind will make the best sense of an ambiguous situation and assume the cowboy hat has always been red. Your recollection of the event will be that el Loco Gringo walked in with a red hat. Ain’t that weird? Now if you turned around and el Loco Gringo were holding a gun, you’d notice that. A different decision point on a different algorithm has been triggered. The previous data was passed through as irrelevant to the danger algorithm, the new data triggered it. You didn’t notice the fireplugs because you don’t have a fireman’s algorithm. A spider or a snake would trigger an even more primal algorithm. The spider or snake would be on the primary defense mechanism and trigger a reflex (fractions of a second). It is a genetically encoded algorithm. The secondary defense mechanism is where the gun would be placed. It is a learned danger. it will trigger a reaction (<1/2 second)Any data that does not trigger one of these first two algorithms is passed through as irrelevant. The point of this rambling incoherent dissertation, is that the people you are talking to the PTSD is fixable. If the epigenetic parameter is triggered it is genetically encoded to the primary defense mechanism. It ain’t fixable. This is some bad shit.

Purdah – (”curtain”) is the practice of preventing women from being seen by men – Wikipedia

Purdah is an example of the fireplug phenomenon. In the middle east I witnessed this profound effect. Women become like fireplugs, you just kind of walk around them without them actually impacting your consciousness. They become things, not even human. In Karachi, I was invited to dinner. We went to the manager’s house, I got in the front seat with the driver and the manager got in the back. We went to the resturant and ordered drinks (3?). I was startled when a woman in an evening dress came over and sat down. She was introduced as his wife. I didn’t even perceive her getting in the car. This is some bad shit folks. Many of us think of this as exotic, even glamorous. Life in the casbah actually sucks. The first three videos show the misconception, Purdah shows the reality.

Do we really have to tolerate intolerance?

CasaBlanca BDSS Bellyqueen Purdah Whipping van Goth Beneath The Veil Matrophobia Pissed

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