The Circle Jerk

OK children, recess is over. The omniscient maharishi emeritus el Loco Gringo is gonna butt in and straighten you out then he’s gonna butt out and watch you go squishy again.

Because the universe is infinite and we aren’t we have to view it through tunnels. The data coming in through our senses is perceived and interpreted as a flock of geese. This data is evaluated through intrinsic/extrinsic processing (call it yin/yang, top down/bottom up, constructionist/reductionist, integration/differentiation if you will, doesn’t matter, the word is not the concept.) This is all inside the skull. Outside the skull is the wind which the yangers will vociferously proclaim has the property of blowing, with grandiose theories and math to “prove” that the wind, does in fact blow. The yinners will vehemently protest that the wind actually sucks and have elaborate theories and math to “prove” that the wind does in fact suck. The wind, for it’s part, doesn’t give a shit what words we use to describe it’s activities, it just keeps on doing what what we describe as blowing (or sucking if you prefer)

It’s all mental masturbation

you guys are having a circle jerk.

Good video by Vilayanur Ramachandran.

Here’s an interesting image

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