The Aware Mind

The Forever War

is over

We’ve won

“A mind’s gotta do what a mind’s gotta do” – el Loco Gringo

Encoded in the genes of every species on earth, is the mandate to reproduce, go forth and multiply, replicate, destroy all competition, dominate all resources.  It is the forever war.  We have won.  It is time to be magnanimous to the vanquished.  To become the steward of all we have vanquished.

Unlike any other species, we are aware.  We are aware of ourselves and our environment.  We are aware of the consequences of our actions.  But we are poisoning the well.  Both of the environment and of ourselves.    In Africa 17% of the land is un-developed, in North America it’s 28%, in Europe it’s 3 %.

I am aware that every time I crank up my car, a child who was on the edge of survival in some third world country, dies.  I am aware that every time I buy a 2X4 at Home Depot, habitat is destroyed for some endangered species.  We have “gone forth and multiplied” enough.  Reducing carbon footprint isn’t the answer.  Nor is recycling, nor biofuels, nor waste management.  Nor any of the panaceas being touted.   there’s just too many people.   We are overloading the biosphere

Society needs someone at the helm of the boat who can see “the big picture” (a non-idiot) and not just play dot2dot on a upward trend.. All civilizations collapse. Always have, always will. Including this one. The history of civilization is actually not a gradual rise, but a sawtooth that never quite falls as far as the previous low. It is not a gradual upward trend. But this one is different. Our technology has allowed us to strip mine the earth in a manner that may make it uninhabitable on even a hunter/gatherer level. When this one goes down, it goes down all the way. And there will not be another industrial civilization until the tectonic plates recycle the resources. (that’s a long time in case you’re not into tectonics) The brain fart prevents people from seeing the “big picture”.

The big picture> Conviviality

What to do? Dunno

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