DrB-06 10/28/09


In re previous letter you may discern I am in some distress. I see no way out of this dilemma. I will try to explain in terms you can understand. Forget what you know. You are incorrect. You’ll have to follow me on faith alone. I may need to teach you enough of how the mind works to pull me out of a funk. It will have to be by rote. should take about 10 minutes. Just trust me.

I want to talk about cognitive ability. In a normal (I have refrained from using that word, it is distressing, but true) intelligence is measured by the IQ test. Mine was measured at 161 I would guess yours in that ball park. But the IQ test ignores the part of the mind that makes us human. It assumes we are super chimps, the only difference being the number of neural cells. WRONG!!! I want to introduce the SQ test (SNAP quotient Synchronous Neural Access Potential). Lets transfer the results of the IQ test over to the new scale so as to accurately measure overall conative ability. While yours is still about 161 mine is 200m300? I don’t know, it’s off the scale. This has nothing to do with how the brain is made. Mine is no different than yours, other than the obvious. The problem is that a normal”s thinking patterns are flawed, meaning that a normal cannot reach his true potential. As long as I keep the logic paths short, I can communicate effectively. Anything more spins off into irrelevancies. There is a bug in the wetware. Whether this is inherent or introduced, I don’t know. I am probably the only person on earth capable of resolving this issue, I don’t even know if it’s possible. And I don’t have much time. And I can’t communicate this because the people who I try to communicate with have flawed logic patterns. In my case this potential has been realized, in yours it hasn’t. What a waste, we could have been to the stars 2 million years ago. It is tragic.

You think backwards

Perhaps intelligence is an evolutionary dead end and it is all for the best.

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