Split Mind(s)

I’m of two minds about this

Bottom up thinking is real good about finding whats wrong, not so good at determining what’s right.” – el Loco Gringo

I can’t make up my minds.

Yet another attempt to get across what I’m talking about. We have two cognitive minds, each with it’s own logic method; the left top down (thinking,serial binary), the right bottom up (musing, weighted boolean). Each has it’s own algorithm (decision tree). This is all coordinated by the ANN. The unANN can be viewed as data storage.

The right hemisphere contains everything I have ever felt; experiences, triumphs, tragedys, fears, emotions, everything is there. It is constantly being collated and “hits” set on the right algorithm.

The left hemisphere contains everything I have ever thought (about what’s in the right hemisphere) about the relationship between what’s in the right hemisphere and dealing with the world. Hits are set on the left algorithm.

“Mythos embodies a form of mental artistry which symbolically and aesthetically
resonates with an individual’s past conscious experiences of personal enlightenment.

The other system is ‘logos.’ Logos relies on reason and logic,
on what we call rational ways of knowing, a form of science. ”

The results are constantly compared and discrepancies flagged through the corpus collosum. The algorithms MUST compare or there will be a disjunct between the outside and the inside. (bullshit detector) Very simply put; “What I am experiencing now is not consistent with my previous experience.” (eLG want’s to replace the green arrow above with a train track, with a trolly “choo-chooing” back and forth) This is the defect I see in most peoples minds. Like a social lobotomy. Idiots.

The left hemisphere will not think about anything in the right hemisphere unless it is relevant to dealing with the outside world. It only becomes relevant through communication with another sentient being (coffee tables don’t work) IE a concept must be transferred from one mind to another. (see DrB-26) This is why therapy works if you don’t inject your own truth.

This is the yin/yang, the harmony, the balance, the male/female (only in the singular case of a man and woman is it literal, male is power, female is finesse) This is SNAP.

Consider DrB-28. I got curious about the nature of me. I got two answers, both accurate. No disparities. Both match. The algorithms compare. All is well. I am content with the current experience. Does it surprise you that eLG is on my left hemisphere? IE dominant. walter is sub-dominate and Walter is combined. I’m basically an obnoxious boor. Smart, but obnoxious.

This is why I prefer to use my own words to avoid ambiguation. Existing words are frequently colored by misunderstanding or the scientific method. When I use my lexicon I say what I mean and I mean what I say, no more, no less.

“The problem is not that people have more than 1 personality, the problem is that they have any number other than 3.” – el Loco Gringo


And then there’s this:  Bicameral Brain

“Okay, I didn’t make up the term. The term was coined by psychologist Julian Jaynes, who presented the idea in his 1976 book The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind. But it fits so well in describing an extremely interesting phenomenon that many people may not realize — each of us is really two people. No, I don’t mean in the traditional sense of having an alter-ego, or a good and bad side. Nor do I mean that we are all schizoids. I mean we are literally two thinking beings residing in the same body.”

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