Neural Network

Neural Network

Basically just a bunch of switches, free form in a boolean network. 10% is set aside for the ANN (Allocated Neural Network) The remainder is the unANN. The unANN is what I’ll be discussing. This is a 4 dimensional concept so it’s hard to get your head around it. There are two logic patterns, left hemisphere is for knowns, right hemisphere is for unknowns. Or determinate/indeterminate, reductionist/constructionist, Top Down/Bottom Up, analysis/synthesis, male/female,knowledge/wisdom. These are coordinated via the corpus colostrum. When there is input data both hemispheres receive the data simultaneously. The left hemisphere takes the first hit it gets and acts. (keep in mind, this is the last hit the right hemisphere got, ( the best answer to date)) The right hemisphere continues processing, and may come up with a better hit after a time period. (“I wish I hadn’t said that”) It may even require overnight. It will then modify the decision point on the algorithm and override the left hemisphere.

“Neurons that fire together, wire together.”

BUT!!! What happens when the input data is incorrect? ie psychology 101 or any indeterminate datum. Then you have an unknown known. (known knowns, known unknowns, unknown knowns and unknown unknowns) ie You know something that ain’t so. The right hemisphere has become contaminated with “Man Think” and can no longer perform it’s synergistic role as a counter check and enhancement to the left hemisphere. If a more nuanced answer is needed, it is no longer available.

(Mary Somerville “Perceiving what others do not perceive”)

You cannot use reductionist thinking for solving an indeterminate problem. It is insanity.

Education has destroyed creativity in the soft sciences.

This is what Dan Dennett refers to when he says people think backwords. Examples

We eat sugar because it tastes good. NO!!! Sugar tastes good because we eat it. Our brains are wired that way. We evolved to eat rotten fruit (that’s basically what sugar is)

So how do you “unring the bell”? How do you get the “Man Think” out of the right hemisphere without disturbing the left hemisphere? Pacing switches hemispheres. Twiddling something with your left hand while thinking about a problem? Sleeping on it?


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