“It’s about sex, it’s all about sex, it’s always all about sex” – el Loco Gringo

Gender dimorphism The brain consists of two chemical computers, separate but synchronous. Psychologists and neurologists like to think of it in electrical terms because they can see flashes in the mind when they hook up an MRI machine. This gives them the delusional belief that they understand. The electrical activity is the result of the chemical activity, not the cause. (People think backwards, the brain fart) The electrical activity is shadows only.

We have two cognitive minds. The right mind is the more primitive, with enormous storage and collating abilities, but not very smart. I liken it to a puppy, in intelligence and temperament. It is our connectedness with the universe, the emotional impulse, the weighting which is applied to decisions. It perceives vibrations only. The left mind reaches into this chaos (in both senses of the word) correlates the collated data of the right mind and breaks it down into a simplified format that we can make sense of. (time, sound and color) A subset of reality, if you will. This is the perceptual brain fart, We know, but do not understand. This is the same built in logic flaw that Einstein and Schrodinger encountered in their 3 stooges talk.

There is a lot of discussion of the male and female sides of the brain. This is misleading conceptually. While in rutting season the hormones push the attendant halves slightly to one side or the other, the functionality of each side largely overlaps. Cultural bias? In fact, the two halves differ in logic patterns, the left in resolving determinate problems and the right in resolving indeterminate problems. In Tao this is called Yin/Yang.  Yin being the female perspective, Yang the male.  This being literally true only in the singular case of humans. IE yin and yang are the causitive agent. Not gender.

Functionality: Left/Right> determinant/ indeterminate> reductionist/ constructionist> binary/Boolean> known/ unknown> fast/ slow> knowledge/wisdom> linear/ random> top down/ bottom up> words/ symbols> math/ set> dogma/creativity> serial/parallel

It is virtually impossible to describe the workings of the right mind in words, in the same way it is virtually impossible to describe the workings of the left mind in symbols. However the ANN can do it. Transferring and translating the data from the right to the left mind. It inverts the last data hit on the right mind and places it on the left mind where it becomes the first hit. It is the best solution to date. The educational system has crippled creativity with it’s insistence on verbal and written communication only. The educational idiots tried to use set theory on math, not having a clue of how the mind works. It failed abysmally, of course. Idiots, idiots everywhere. There are few left who can think creatively (muse). You can’t talk about the right mind without drawing pictures. It is insane to try. The same as using pictures to describe the left mind.

Sexual Dimorphism – Here I depart radically from conventional wisdom.  I used to think that females “revlon” to attract males.  Not so.  Females revlon to compete with other females in a power struggle.  We live in a “shadow matriarchy”  in which women control society through their sons.  “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world” – Alexander the great.  It is this world that females are involved in a power struggle to control.

In all species including humans, it is the male that must compete because it is the lesser sex.  Consider, if all the males died out save one, the human race would be up and running within a couple of generations.  (this happened once, a choke point when humanity almost went extinct)  On the other hand if all the females died out save one, mankind would go extinct.  For the most part, males are expendable.

Parthenogenesis – non sexual reproduction is this carried to the extreme.  Actually non-sexual reproducing organisms should not be called sexless but female. (bacteria, amobea etc)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Consider the blobfish or the warthog.

When a male of either species sees a female, it sets it’s heart to racing.  “wow, nice blobs or warts on that bitch” goes through it’s head in the same way we say “nice tits on that barmaid”.  It would also serve to prevent cross-species mating.   While I have never seen a documentated case of a man mating with either, i recognize that type of behavior pattern  is something he would probably keep to himself.  I’m afraid that if it were up to me, blobfish/warthog kind would have to go extinct.  So…. where is the beauty in humans?  The same holds true IE the males.  Fish do it with scales, birds with feathers, humans with bling. (things)  Freud observed that all women have a penis envy.  Makes sense, it is indeed a beautiful thing.  Like snowflakes, no two are alike.

As to size.  We live in a combative society, constantly waging war.  Women don’t need to fight, they’ve got that money maker.  Thus size and strength would give them a distinct survival disadvantage.   “What, how can that be?” you may ask.  Good question, and I’ve got a good answer.  smaller size makes women rapable.   Consider, the victors in any war typically kill all the males, rape the females and sell the children into slavery.  Thus the females genes are propagated.  After all “people are just dna’s way of making more dna.” – Edward Wilson

The other aspect of this is that dimorphism forces females to develop finesse  in intrinsic relationships and leave the extrinsic relationships to the male, engendering synergy.

Conceptual Dimorphism

Cultural Dimorphism

Religious Dimorphism The Feminine God

Mother nature doesn’t care about all this morality stuff, she just uses what works.

ChimpWar Male/Female Boy/Girl Sex TabooedNude

Interesting essay on bonding> This is Marriage Bonding

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