Big Hoochie Koochie

The Big Hoochie Koochie

“Something unknown is doing we don’t know what” – Sir Arthur Eddington The cosmic standing wave, is rotational in nature with a beat of eight and is negentropic (Kinda hard to put the universe in a lab) Past that I can’t say, I’m not a mathematician nor do I care to be, nor am I sure that mathematics is relevant until it can be used to quantify the frequency domain. (a new mathematics, maybe?) It has had many visualizations, ripple patterns in a pond, refractive patterns etc. I’d like to propose my own visualization “The big hoochie koochie”. It’s as good as any and better than most. She vibrates, is rotational in nature with a beat of eight and she can definitely get it together. Not very professional you may say. Why thank you, I consider professionalism to be a negative character trait.


How odd, it sounds just like the little hoochie koochie.  Maybe they’re the same thing, our dual view of the universe projected outwards.

The big hitch in the giddyup here is that physicists are using an artificial quantification to evaluate an interpretation of of a perception. Put another way, they are measuring shadows of reality (Plato’s Cave) and they’re using a rubber ruler. Geoff and Milo Wolff are without a doubt correct as far as they go.  Their view is certainly the “best answer to date”, and in view of the indeterminate nature of the frequency domain, may be the “best answer possible”.   Should be fun. As I mentioned, my interest is in what the “big hoochie-koochie” is doing inside the skull.  I prefer to leave physics and mathematics to those who are interested in such things.  I challenge any mathematician or physicist to disprove the “Big Hoochie Koochie”. This then is where bottom up thinking comes into play.  If you want understand finance, you start with the penny.  if you want to understand the mind, you start with the neuron.  If you want to understand the universe, you start with the sine wave.  If you want to understand waves, you start with a geophysics.  If you want to build a house, you start with the foundation.  Else you have “sand castles in the air” – “Big Al” Einstein and “mankind has to start thinking differently if it is to survive” – Big Al I could use some help here, is koochie spelled with a k or a c?  I couldn’t find a definitive answer on the internet.  Observer The yin/yang wars duality

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