The Neuron Trellis

“Neurons that fire together, wire together” – Hebb’s Law

“It helps to have a god to meditate on, It doesn’t seem to matter which one” – Patel

“It helps to have a god to meditate on. It doesn’t matter which one. It helps to focus” – Mr Patel

“Yoga is the science of the East, Science is the yoga of the West”. – John Lilly

Picture the ANN as a neuron trellis, a framework for the neurons to grip as they seek to explore the right hemisphere. “Neurons that fire together wire together.” In this sense it is one of many: Others include transactional analysis, Voodoo, meditation, religion, kaballah, whole brain thinking, and, of course, that ridiculous psychological standby bipolar manic/depression. (genius) This experience is referred to as nirvana, alternate existence, higher plane, at one with the universe by some, or just hunches or insight by others, but as nonsense by most. As it is normal for neurons to connect and communicate, (or go forth and multiply, if you want to get meta-physical) they will follow the path of least resistance, in this case the ANN. Actually bottom up thinking is nothing more than a weighted boolean network, which has states of true, false, neither or both. This compares to the top down logic of true or false only.

Abduction is a method of logical inference introduced by Charles Sanders Peircewhich comes prior to induction and deduction for which the colloquial name is to have a “hunch”. Abductive reasoning starts when an inquirer considers of a set of seemingly unrelated facts, armed with an intuition that they are somehow connected. The term abduction is commonly presumed to mean the same thing as hypothesis; however, an abduction is actually the process of inference that produces a hypothesis as its end result. – Wikipedia (it is interesting to note, that I have not had a single hit in my ruminations on the mind which refers to psychology)

Some that are heading in the right direction are; These are worth reading

pragmatism single-neuron sidhere pragprog rightbrain Theosophy SAND CSS Kabbalah

The Model

“We have two cognitive minds each with it’s own logical and perceptual processing, synchronous and modulated by intensity. (weighting)” – el Loco GringoModel

This is a model of the mind. It is frame of reference useful in understanding the emotional workings of a healthy mind. It is a framework only. It is the equivalent of gravity compared to relativity, electro-magnetism compared to string theory, atomic theory compared to quantum theory. It is logical in nature, not physiological. It does not include chemical, hormonal, mechanical or mathematical aspects of the mind. It is just something we mere mortals can wrap our heads around. It is not the mind. Do not confuse it with reality.
In a queer logical inversion of progression, the science of the mind has outstripped the theory. Neuroscience, mathematics, chemistry are making enormous strides, while psychology is stuck in the neolithic. It’s as if ICBM’s were discovered before the bow and arrow, or the internal combustion engine before fire, or the automobile before the wheel. As the mind is holographic in nature, it is describable by chaos mathematics.

As the IQ test only measures the abilities of the left hemisphere, it is inadequate for measuring the overall cognitive ability. I use the word SNAP to measure overall cognitive ability. If one assumes that IQ accurately measures the average IQ at 100, the snap should be 200, discounting synergysm which should bring it up to about 300. Several social factors lower this average to the equivalent of the IQ. Among these are the Taboo, the Abyss, and reductionist overlay on the right hemisphere. The mind has been trained to ignore data and logic.

The left hemisphere specializes in reductionist thinking, the right in constructionist thinking. Or you could say knowledge and wisdom. The left is definite and fast, the right is methodical and slow (and unused).

There is another guy working on this problem, limited to computer programming. (Andy Hunt) Damn, he’s close. But so far it looks good. He uses different words, of course, but the concepts are very similar. He’s 103 pages into a 205 page book.


The ANN is a framework and a framework only, no more, no less. It is a structure to hang your concepts on while exploring the mind. It is my framework. My career has been in electronics so I picture it as a Boolean network. In contrast to the scientific method, I start with the question and work my way to the answer, or start with the evidence and work my way to the conclusion. The scientific method will not work here. There are many frameworks, some partial, none full. Psychology is the most common, but it’s total bullshit. Yoga, TA, Zen, Tao and Confucianism are others. These are all valid but incomplete. Religion is a framework that must be used with caution, it has the hidden danger of allowing someone else to occupy rent free space in your mind. As long as you keep it a matter between yourself and God, it’s fine.

The point to concentrate on is that there is no single “truth”, there are a myriad of “truths”. As the mind is indeterminate, it is unlikely that any two individuals have the same “truth”. But a framework will give you a starting point to find your own truth. This is why psychology is not, and cannot be valid.

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