A New Psychology

A new Psychology

Looking for non-idiots.  Using your analogy of the book cover, it’s like walking through a bookstore and examining the books one by one. I pull one off the shelf and it has a glitzy cover with holographic inlays. But I open it up and there’s nothing there. The pages are blank. Shit, another idiot.

It seems that top down thinking washes all the wisdom out of a concept and all that is left is knowledge.

That thing on bipolar shocked even me. They are medicating 1,000,000 kids under false pretenses, with no idea of the long term result. Scary. Idiots pretending to be smart.

Grof distinguishes between two modes of consciousness: the hylotropic and the holotropic. The hylotropic refers to “the normal, everyday experience of consensus reality. The holotropic refers to states which aim towards wholeness and the totality of existence.”

Western psychiatrists are aware of the existence of holotropic experiences but, because of their narrow conceptual framework limited to postnatal biography and the Freudian individual unconscious, they have no adequate explanation for them. They see them as pathological products of the brain, symptomatic of a serious mental disease,

psychosis. This conclusion is not supported by clinical findings and is highly problematic, to say the least. Referring to these conditions as  ‘endogenous psychoses’ might sound impressive to a lay person, but amounts to little more than acknowledgment of the professionals’ ignorance concerning the etiology of these conditions.”

Western psychiatry and psychology do not see holotropic states (with the exception of dreams that are not recurrent or frightening) as potential sources of valuable information about the human psyche and of healing, but basically as pathological phenomena. Traditional clinicians tend to use indiscriminately pathological labels and uppressive medication whenever these states occur spontaneously.”

If we study systematically the experiences and observations associated with holotropic states, it leads inevitably to a radical revision of our basic ideas about consciousness and about the human psyche and to an entirely new approach to psychiatry, psychology, and psychotherapy. The changes we would have to make in our thinking fall into several large categories:

1. New understanding and cartography of the human psyche.

2. The nature and architecture of emotional and psychosomatic disorders.

3. Therapeutic mechanisms and the process of healing.

4. The strategy of psychotherapy and self-exploration.

5. The role of spirituality in human life.

6. The nature of reality.

The ANN IS the (a) cartography of the human Psyche. OPL Walt


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